Huge men, huge hearts as Jack Doyle and other Colts throw homeless kids a party

INDIANAPOLIS – First time I see Wesley, he’s chewing on his fingernails. Second time, too. And the third. Most of the kids are excited, more like thrilled, to be here at Dave & Buster’s in Castleton, where Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle and his wife, Casie, are throwing a birthday party for 15 kids from the Dayspring Center homeless shelter.

Not Wesley. He’s nervous — but noble. He came here in slacks and a red Oxford, buttoned to his chin, moving slowly and erect. He’s showing his younger brother and sister, Raymond and Kaitlyn, how to be dignified. If he had one, he’d be the man of his house. He’s 11.

Standing in a dining room in the back of Dave & Buster’s, near the food and cake and towers of water and pink lemonade, is Jack Doyle: Hometown kid, went to Cathedral, wanted nothing more than to play for the Colts. And here he is, throwing this party for a van full of kids, even if he’s the shyest person in the room. Well, no, that would be Wesley over there, chewing on his nails. Jack sees Wesley and smiles. Jack sees all these kids, makes eye contact and says hello, and wants to know if they’re ready to play some games and eat some food and have some fun. Fourteen kids are squealing.

Wesley is biting his nails.

Next time I see him, Wesley is sitting behind the wheel of a sports car, an arcade game called Cruis’n Blast. Jack Doyle is sitting next to him, hand on the wheel, because WATCH OUT FOR THAT LIGHT POST! Wesley’s watching out for the light post. And he’s looking at the Colts tight end.

Wesley is smiling.

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