I tell yers, the strange events of late must be written in the stars

I take it all back. I have long thought that the surest sign that someone is on a different intellectual wavelength – read, challenged – is that they actually believe in star signs, and think that because they are a Sagittarius, and Jupiter is falling in the third quarter, they are bound to meet a tall dark stranger, blah, blah, blah.

But . . . lately?

Lately, friends, Australian sport clearly has a bad moon rising and good moon booming at much the same time and – all mixed with that huge asteroid now approaching Earth, and the fact that Jupiter is rising in the fourth quarter, with just minutes left on the clock – we really are getting the strangest mix of stunning and shocking sporting performances from the same sporting teams all in the space of just a fortnight or so.

Consider the recent results:

* The Wallabies put a record-breaking 47 points on the All Blacks – a feat never accomplished by any team, EVER, in more than a century of Test matches – just a week before they are publicly spanked at Eden Park, going down by another record score of 36-0!

* The Australian cricket team bowls out England for a paltry 67 in the first innings of an Ashes Test, just before England comes back with a near world-record fourth innings total to win the match – despite doing it on a flat tyre, with the wind against them, and their last man at bat contributing just one run to a final wicket partnership of 76.

* Shortly after the American basketball team monsters the Australian Boomers, our blokes monster them, recording their first win in 27 attempts – as noted on Twitter, “NOBODY beats Australia 27 times in a row” – and the Americans' first loss in 78 matches.

* After stinking up the joint for about three years now, the Canterbury Bulldogs have won four of the last five, and six of the last eight. If you take out your slide rule and kind of squint your eyes in a funny way, you will be able to see that the Dogs are still a mathematical chance of making the final eight, and onwards from there!

Do you see what I mean?

Just in the last half-moon we have seen absolutely extraordinary, unprecedented performances, an eclectic mix of the good, the bad, and the downright astonishing. It can only be that asteroid making the key difference in the way it interacts with the other planets and moon.

Friends, only one question remains to be answered: how long is it going to last, and what will be the effect on coming sporting results? Given that that the asteroid will be closest to earth next month, will it bring on the stunning results or the ugly ones? Will it interact with a good moon booming and looming large on the eastern quarter, or a bad moon rising?

If it's a good moon looming, with the stunning results, prepare yourselves, for:

The Wallabies to give the All Blacks another thumping on a dry track in Tokyo, on their way to a stunning World Cup win!

The Boomers to put the USA Dream Team to the sword of righteousness and justice in China!

The Australian cricket team to romp home in the final two Tests of the Ashes and spank them as never before. Steve Smith to push through his noted “fragility in the 140s” and to just go on with it till their noses bleed.

The Bulldogs to win the NRL grand final, in the greatest come from behind win since Bradbury!

And if it is a bad moon rising ?

Friends, it doesn’t bear thinking about. But it will be as ugly as TWO hatfuls of you-know-what.
Either way, hold on to your hats, sports fans, we might just be in for the ride of our lives.

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