Isaiah Thomas doesn’t sound over ‘s–thole’ Cleveland

Isaiah Thomas may be halfway across the country in Denver, but it appears Cleveland is still very much on his mind.

On Saturday, the Nuggets guard issued an apology on Twitter, after a video made waves on social media in which he called his former city a “s–thole.”

“I apologize for my choice of words about Cleveland,” Thomas, 29, wrote. “I was on my live playing round. They don’t show you everything for a reason smh. Right after I clarified what I said … All love to everybody who had love for me in Cleveland.”

In the original clip, Thomas discusses cities he’s competed for, making the profane remark and saying, “I can see why LeBron left — again,” according to ESPN.

Thomas apologized again, via Instagram, praising his former team and noting his “situation” in Cleveland “just wasn’t the best.”

“I shouldn’t have said that. That was my fault,” Thomas said. “Cleveland was actually cool, it was all right. The situation just wasn’t the best. I apologize for saying it was a s–thole. It wasn’t a s–thole.”

“The team was dope, the players was filthy. My guy Gio. Training staff was cold. Nah, Cleveland was cool. I shouldn’t have said that, that was my bad. I was just talking on IG Live, I didn’t think it was gonna get to where they’re posting it. It’s like damn, my bad.”

Acquired by the Cavaliers last year as part of the Kyrie Irving trade, Thomas never quite lived up to expectations during his time in Cleveland, as he recovered from hip surgery. He was shipped to the Lakers in February, after appearing in only 15 games. He signed a one-year deal with the Nuggets last month.

This isn’t the first time Thomas has taken a swipe at his former team. During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in June, he joked about getting swept by (the other) Isiah Thomas while competing in a game, saying, “I’m like the Cavs, I’m gonna get swept.” The Cavaliers had fallen into a 0-2 hole against the Warriors at the time, later losing another NBA title to Golden State.

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