Julie Stewart-Binks mysteriously out at Barstool Sports

Eight months after she joined Barstool Sports, Julie Stewart-Binks is out at the monstrous sports blog.

The former ESPN and Fox Sports reporter thanked her Barstool bosses in her announcement, though there is a lot of haze around why she is actually leaving. Stewart-Binks was one-third of “Barstool Breakfast,” a morning show on SiriusXM with former Jets offensive lineman Willie Colon and comedian Francis Ellis.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time working for Barstool Sports and Sirius XM,” Stewart-Binks said on Twitter on Wednesday, shouting out CEO Erika Nardini and founder Dave Portnoy. “…[G]ood luck to all the talented people I had the chance to work with. I have decided to take some time to decide my next career move.”

Portnoy told The Big Lead it was “great working with her” and the split was “was mutual.” That didn’t jive with the show she left behind.

After Stewart-Binks’ announcement, Colon and Ellis discussed her exit in vague terms on the show, the two agreeing it is “safe to say she has been released.”

At different instances, they said, “There’s a lot to it” and, “We can’t go into a lot of detail,” signaling something was amiss.

“Barstool is a unique animal,” Colon said. “This is not ESPN, this is not Fox. … It’s for the common man, by the common man. This is a situation where Barstool is in right now. People want to be a part of this juggernaut that’s formed, but they don’t necessarily dive into the culture or the thread of Barstool, what it is.”

Ellis, speaking to the culture of new Barstool hires, said: “What it is is kind of an initiation: A lot of the guys here, they give you the tough love in the beginning until you’ve proved yourself, and then they back off. It’s a real sink-or-swim kind of thing. The mama birds are pushing the baby birds out of the nest and saying, you better learn how to f–king fly or you’re going to hit the ground and you’re gonna die.”

Stewart-Binks was hired at the rapidly growing men’s-interest blog in September, originally tabbed to host the since-canceled “Barstool Tailgate Show.”

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