Kyle Walker joins Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling, and Jack Grealish who have invested in £40k guard dogs for protection – The Sun

FOOTBALLERS' security has never been more crucial.

Kyle Walker is the latest footballer who has invested some of his salary in a guard dog, trained by Chaperone K9 – who specialise in providing security pooches for the wealthy and famous.

Walker is said to have spent £40,000 shelled out £40000 on a Doberman guard dog after a series of raids on footballers.

Dele Alli was one of many high-profile stars robbed – when masked men held him at knifepoint and punched him in the face, as they made off with watches worth around £350,000.

Months before that, Crystal Palace star Mamadou Sakho's home was ransacked, while Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole have also recently had their safety jeopardised by muggers looking for money and jewellery.

To combat thieves, Premier League stars are now fighting back. Here's who has beefed up their security.


Aston Villa star Jack Grealish bought a £25,000 Belgian Malinois pooch from Chaperone K9 last year.

The England midfielder posted a picture on his Instagram story of the dog sticking its tongue out, accompanying it with the heart-eyes emoji.

His new pooch's suppliers captioned the picture by saying: "Welcome to the Chaperone K9 family.”


Like many footballers, the Manchester United and England forward shopped with Leicestershire's Chaperone K9, who specialise in training and selling expert guard dogs.

Rashford got himself a huge Cane Corso dog named The Saint that would've set him back somewhere in the region of £25,000.

He showed off the pooch on Instagram in 2018, and looked mightily impressed with his purchase.


Rashford's Manchester United team-mate Pogba is also a firm believer in protecting yourself with a big dog.

He spent around £15,000 on a Rottweiler in 2019 after he became a target for irate fans.

Pogba stepped up his security measures weeks after “Pogba Out” was sprayed outside the club’s training ground.

He hasn't had trouble since.


The Manchester City winger is a man with lots to protect.

Sterling, a father of three, has a £15,000 Rottweiler called Okan looking after him, his missus Paige Milian and their family.

The Three Lions star was forced to act after Paige returned from a shopping trip to their £3million Cheshire to find a male intruder at their home.


Manchester United defender Jones already boasted family pets – a couple of adorable pugs.

But they weren't going to offer him the security he and his wife Kaya needed – should someone threaten their safety.

That's why they brought in German Shepherd Buddy for £15,000, who will happily save the day if they're ever in trouble.


West Ham captain Noble is extra careful when it comes to home protection.

He bought a Belgian Malinois called Striker from Chaperone K9, and also has a German Shepherd as its companion.

Both probably boast as much bite in the middle of the park as the Hammers midfielder.


Towering defender Mings may look an intimidating presence at 6ft 5in, but he feels more secure having man's best friend in his home.

Like Sterling and Pogba, he went for an intelligent Rottweiler to protect him and the pooch has helped him settle at Aston Villa.

“Pablo, he’s a Rottweiler, he is here [in Birmingham] he’s at home," Mings told the Birmingham Mail when asked who helped him find his feet in the Midlands.

"He’s great, he’s the best thing ever. We got him as a protection dog.”


The Newcastle striker was left terrified when he was the target of a gun-wielding motorbike rider who tried to steal his watch while he was in his car waiting at the traffic lights.

So, he bought a Cane Corso to protect him and his family, including ex-TOWIE star Billi Mucklow.

They named him Bane after the murderous Batman villain played by Tom Hardy.


Back in March, BT Sport pundit Rio added teeth to his home security.

A German Shepherd, trained by Chaperone K9, was acquired by the former Manchester United star who was concerned his family may become targets if he was away for work.

A source told The Sun: “They already have stringent measures in place but you can’t be too careful.

"They also love going out for walks as a family in the countryside, so having a dog makes sense.”


France goalkeeper Lloris went to a rival firm for his security pooch.

The Spurs stopper called up Elite Protection Dogs for a four-legged friend to mind his premises whenever he's away.

The London-based firm uses only German and Belgian Shepherds that “come from military and police backgrounds”.

Its website says the dogs are “dedicated to shield you . . .  from any possible danger or threat as taught through intense training, mental stability and obedience”.


The Leicester City star popped into Chaperone K9's Leicestershire HQ and personally saw his Belgian Malinois in development.

According to Chaperone K9's website, the dogs are able to recognise and deal with a number of different threats, including home invasion, road rage, personal attacks on the person and their family and robbery.

Once given a command, they will spring into action with an apparent initial display of aggression to ward a potential assailant off simply by barking.

If there is more than one attacker, they are taught to position themselves between you and the potential threat, continuously barking to keep the assailants at bay.

And should the assailant continue to pose you a danger, a Chaperone K9 has learned, on command, to bite and hold the attacker until you tell the dog to release them.

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