LaMelo Ball slaps rival and starts huge on-court fight

Another Ball, another international incident.

At least this time it happened on the court.

LaMelo Ball, the youngest of the three Ball brothers, got into a skirmish during his Junior Basketball Association Team USA squad’s international tour in Lithuania on Monday. In a game against BC Dzukjia, LaMelo lost the ball out of bounds on the baseline. His opponent, Mindaugas Susinskas, tapped the back of his head. LaMelo, the younger brother of Lakers point guard Lonzo, responded by slapping him in the face, leading to a fight between the two teams and an ejection for LaMelo.

The middle brother, LiAngelo, you may remember for getting in trouble in China for shoplifting along with two other UCLA teammates, and his father, big-talking LaVar, pulling him out of school after he was given an indefinite suspension. The two played in Lithuania last year with BC Prienu Vytautas, but didn’t finish the season there.

LaMelo should be beginning his senior year of high school as one of the nation’s most prized recruits. Instead, he’s cashing paychecks from his father’s new professional league and getting into fights overseas.

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