Lana, real name CJ Perry, confirms husband Rusev has coronavirus after WWE star's parents both contracted killer bug

WWE star Lana has revealed her coronavirus nightmare after husband Rusev joined both her parents in battling coronavirus.

The Ravishing Russian, real name CJ Perry, confirmed her former WWE superstar partner had tested positive for the deadly disease on Twitter.

And that followed on from the 37-year-old informing her fans that her mum and father had Covid-19 last week.

She tweeted: “First my parents & now my husband @ToBeMiro has covid-19.”

Lana provided an emotional update on the condition of her parents over the weekend on her YouTube channel.

She said: “So my mother is doing much better. They have had her off of the oxygen in the hospital for over 24 hours. Now that's incredible.

“They said that she's not out of the woods though yet, so you know just keep her in your prayers and thoughts. She is doing much better, so thank you guys so much.”

She added: “My dad is doing better.

“He couldn't get out of bed at all for a week… he was so weak.

“He thought he just had simple pollen allergies. Next thing you know he gets bedridden.

“Just be really really careful guys. My dad is doing better today.

“Yesterday was the first day that he started to feel better.”

Rusev, 35, also took to social media to announce the news of his diagnosis.

The Bulgarian Brute tweeted: “I tested positive for Covid-19. Thank you for all the support. 

“I will be okay and Miro Day will continue.”

Rusev was one of a host of stars released by WWE in April as part of a cost-cutting measure amid the coronavirus crisis.

WWE has been rocked by a number of staff testing positive for Covid-19 in recent weeks after they controversially continued filming their weekly episodes at their performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

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