Lewis Hamilton claims F1 chiefs have ‘issue’ with his style

Lewis Hamilton claims Formula 1 chiefs can’t stand his fashion after winning the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Mercedes star’s victory in Baku puts him back into the lead in the drivers’ standings, with a four point lead over Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel.

The British champion has always looked to put a twist on his style and despite 11 years in F1, he believes it’s still an issue for senior figures in the sport.

"People here still frown upon what I do," Hamilton is quoted as saying in the Daily Star.

"It’s still an issue for many, many people here, the way that I dress, that I have jewels, that I wear earrings.

"Since I have been in FR, I’ve strived to defy the odds. Fashion is an extension of how you express yourself.

Hamilton’s victory was marred by the latest spat with Vettel after a collison in Baku.

"We never get a day back in our lives," Hamilton said. "And it’s the same for a lost win.

"This was a lottery race. I’m not sure whether I would use the word gifted to explain how I won it, but I felt I was stood on the podium where Valtteri should have been.

“I ran up to the Mercedes office because I wanted to tell Valtteri what a great job he had done.

"In the circumstances, I wanted to try and give him a little lift.”

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