Leyton Orient beg for 'male dog' to walk around stadium's pitch to deter foxes

The O’s have put out the bizarre request in order to deal with some problematic foxes.

The National League side claim that they are having issues with foxes walking on the pitch at night.

And they want a male dog to walk around the stadium each morning and afternoon for the rest of this week.

Apparently the dog’s presence will help deter foxes from making any more visits.

Those interested can apply for the job on Leyton Orient’s website.

The job description reads: “A strange one we know, the Club are looking for a local O’s supporter who is able to walk their male dog around the O’s pitch during mornings and late afternoons this week at the Breyer Group Stadium.

“The Club have been having issues with foxes entering the playing surface at night (quite literally the one time we don’t want a fox in the box).

“And it is thought a dog’s presence will help prevent further pitch invasions at the Breyer Group Stadium.

“If you are able to help, please email [email protected]

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