Logan Ryan’s wife shares traumatic details after Giants trainer saved her life

Ashley Bragg Ryan, the wife of Giants safety Logan Ryan, has shared more details about the traumatic medical emergency she had this week and how a team trainer may have saved her life.

After the Giants’ loss to the Buccaneers Monday night, Logan Ryan was texting Ashley, who was on a trip to Florida and noted she was experiencing “excruciating abdominal pain.” She was hoping it would pass, but Logan texted Giants trainer Justin Maher, who advised that Ashley go to the emergency room.

“As much as I wanted to eat some Tums and try to go back to sleep, I followed this trainer’s advice and my sister took me to the ER,” Ashley wrote in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Ashley underwent blood work that showed she was pregnant, which came as a surprise since she had an intrauterine device (IUD). She called Logan with the news as it sunk in that they would be parents again.

“About an hour later, the lightness dimmed as I noticed my ultrasound tech was very quiet and my pain was getting worse,” Ashley wrote. “The pregnancy was ectopic and had implanted in my fallopian tube. The pregnancy was not viable and we learned that the tube had ruptured. I had to have emergency surgery at 9 am [Wednesday] morning to remove the ectopic pregnancy and stop the internal bleeding.

“The pain was unbearable. The emotions that followed were unbearable. I am still sorting through most of this in my own head. Why was I that 1 % [that got pregnant despite having an IUD], what does this mean for the future, how that trainer quite possibly saved my life. How I asked my sister to come on this trip with me with 2 days notice. I was supposed to be alone. How that could have been baby ‘Ozzy,’ a name I’ve always had picked out for the third child I never planned to have.”

Giants coach Joe Judge had told Logan that if he needed to fly to Florida, not to worry about football. He ended up staying in New Jersey, but appreciated the offer.

“That’s what Joe is as a man and as a coach,” Logan said Wednesday. “I know we care about X’s and O’s and winning and losing, but there are really good people here. That’s why I came here.”

Ashely, meanwhile, said she is recovering in Florida with her sister before heading back to her family in New Jersey. She and Logan, college sweethearts who met at Rutgers, have two children.

“The rollercoaster of 2020 continues,” she wrote. “I’ve got to believe that there is a reason behind our tragedy and hardship, even if we don’t know exactly what that is”

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