Luc Longley Mad That Spain Keeps Getting "Kissed On The Dick By The Basketball Gods"

Australia just lost a tough game to Spain in the semifinals of the FIBA World Cup. The Boomers led most of the way, but lost their lead at the end of regulation, thanks in part to a few dodgy calls that went against them. They eventually lost in double-overtime, 95-88.

Former NBA big man Luc Longley is one of Australia’s assistant coaches, and after the agonizing loss he summoned a few reporters to record his thoughts on how everything went down. Longley didn’t shy away from his true feelings, and left everyone with this fantastic quote. From Fox Spots Australia:

“It’s so similar,” he said of the feeling on Friday, compared to the loss at Rio.

“It’s fuckin’ very similar. I think, in Rio, I also think we deserved to win it. It’s just a fuckin; I don’t know what we’ve gotta do. We’ve gotta find an altar somewhere and burn a sacrifice, or do something the basketball gods, because they’re not kissing us on the dick yet, like they do Spain. You can print that if you want.

“Spain gets kissed on the dick by the basketball gods every time we play them.”

A great moment in basketball history, undermined only by the fact that there does not seem to be any video of the interaction available; I just really want to hear a giant man say “kissed on the dick” in an Australian accent.

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