Mark Clattenburg reveals he had TWO hair transplants after 'wife said I was looking old' as ex-ref says it's going again

MARK CLATTENBURG has revealed he had two hair transplants after his wife said he was looking old.

But the ex-referee could be back for a third time after conceding his hair’s going again.

Clattenburg, 45, got his first transplant done in 2017, showing off his barnet on a night out in Marbella with manager Chris Hughton.

He revealed the full results of his procedure a year later, having undergone the transplant at the Medical Hair Restoration Clinic.

SunSport exclusively revealed in May that Clattenburg went back in for a top up to fill in a patch of thinning hair on his crown.

And the man himself has now opened up about how he went down the avenue of a hair transplant.

Clattenburg claims it was at his wife’s behest that he travelled to Ireland for work on his locks.

But now that he’s no longer refereeing, Clattenburg is feeling more relaxed about needing further procedures.

He told Paddy Power’s From The Horse’s Mouth podcast: “I had to go to Ireland for my hair transplant. I had to go twice because I was going so bad.

“My missus was saying I was looking old, so I thought I’d get a hair transplant quickly and it’d look alright.

“And I’m happy with it, but now I’m out of refereeing, I might as well let it go.”

Clattenburg also opened up on his relationship with Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho, adding: “He blames me for getting him the sack at Chelsea.

“But I would say it was more all of the results before that, too. He was hard work when he came back from Real Madrid and, well, I got him the sack at Chelsea.

“When he went to Manchester United, he was thinking the same thing – I’m going to get him the sack, so he was always anti-me.”

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