Master replaces student as David Drew fills ACT Meteors role

So often a coaching succession plan has the student replacing the master – but it is the other way around for the ACT Meteors.

David Drew has moved into the head coaching role after a man he used to coach in James Allsopp vacated the position to become Cricket ACT’s chief executive on Tuesday.

David Drew will take over as head coach of the Meteors.

David Drew will take over as head coach of the Meteors.

Drew joined the Meteors program this year following a five-year stint in Tasmania and time coaching underage teams in the NSW program, while he currently coaches the Australian blind cricket team.

The ACT side is in a transition period as they begin preparations for their first hitout under Drew against Victoria and the Western Fury in their own backyard at Manuka Oval from November 9.

Drew says he'll "no doubt be knocking on [Allsopp's] door and asking plenty of questions", but he is relishing the chance to put his own spin on a group that says its final or bust with the league back on even keel.

"We’ve certainly got the players to do that, so we’re certainly looking forward to putting in our best performances," Drew said.

"We want to make sure we’re concentrating on our processes, we don’t want to look too far ahead. We want to just get those done like we did on the weekend, and I think if we get those right, then who knows where we can go? Definitely looking for higher places.

"It’s an amazing opportunity, I’ve been coaching for a long period of time, worked under some great coaches and I’m really pleased to have the opportunity.

"Especially with these girls, I’ve been here since April and they have really accepted me as a coach and as a person and I’m looking forward to taking them to some bigger and better places."

Allsopp shifted out of his high performance office into his chief executive office on Monday night in preparation for his first big task: assessing the sight screens at Manuka Oval ahead of Canberra's biggest summer of cricket.

He laughs if there are any issues with the sight screens behind the bowler's arm during the season ahead, that will be on him as he looks to steer the game back into a positive light following the ball tampering scandal that rocked Australian cricket earlier this year.

The boss: New Cricket ACT chief executive James Allsopp.

The boss: New Cricket ACT chief executive James Allsopp.

"I think it’s almost going to be a rebirth of cricket in Australia. We can certainly lead the way in the territory with such a big summer ahead," Allsopp said.

"Canberra has shown it’s got a huge appetite for cricket. The very nature of what happened in Cape Town shows cricket is the very fabric of us as Australians.

"It hurt people a lot because cricket is our national game, and we have got a great opportunity this summer to get behind our national teams and our domestic fixtures and I’m sure Canberra will do that.

"There’s going to be some great cricket here, some of the best players in the world, great conditions and all three formats. It’s a really exciting time and I’m sure the Canberra people will come out in numbers."

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