Matt Harvey Looks Forward To A New Beginning With The Cincinnati Reds

New Cincinnati Reds’ pitcher Matt Harvey looks to enjoy his new team and a fresh start

Getting traded to the Cincinnati Reds could be what saves Matt Harvey’s career. Harvey is hoping to experience a fresh start with the Reds as he attempts to regain his dominance.

Matt Harvey struggled on the mound in his eight appearances with the Mets this season. The former MLB all-star went 0-2, with a gaudy ERA of 7.00 prior to the Mets chose to move on from him.

Days after the New York Mets designated Matt Harvey for an assignment, they agreed to trade him, according to the New York Times, to the Cincinnati Reds. By finding a trade partner for Matt Harvey, the Mets were able to receive some compensation for the high profile pitcher.

The Mets were able to get catcher Devin Mesoraco from the Reds. Getting a pitcher of Matt Harvey’s past pedigree should help Cincinnati. In return, Matt Harvey receives a fresh start.

Matt Harvey told reporters he believes he can help the Reds, reports The Athletic. Harvey insists that his chapter with the Mets has come to a close and he wants to move forward.

“There’s a lot of good memories and a lot of bad. After today, I’d like to not talk past experiences with the Mets. I’d like to move forward with my new organization and do everything I can to help them.”

Matt Harvey was at the center of a couple of controversies while he was with the New York Mets. How Harvey went against his doctors to pitch in the MLB playoffs a few years ago was one of the biggest controversies of them all.

Matt Harvey’s insistence on pitching in the postseason may be one of the causes for his decline. To prove this theory even further, Harvey has never been the same after dismissing his doctor’s suggestions. All of it can be written off if Matt Harvey can return to form.

There was little to no expectations for Matt Harvey in his Cincinnati Reds’ debut. Any signs of the old Matt Harvey would be considered great. Matt Harvey did not disappoint.

He was brilliant in his Cincinnati Reds debut.

Against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Matt Harvey threw four scoreless innings, while looking like the same pitcher who once dominated with the New York Mets. Playing for a new team might have been what Harvey needed to revitalize his career.

Matt Harvey is slated to become a free agent at the end of the season. His new life with the Cincinnati Reds is an audition for teams around baseball. If Matt Harvey can return to his old form, he stands to get another MLB contract. If he helps turn the Cincinnati Reds around, the Reds may bring him back.

It will be interesting to see what Matt Harvey does with the Cincinnati Reds going forward.

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