Mayweather mocked by McGregor AND Pacquiao after wacky Nasukawa fight

The 41-year-old made short work of Nasukawa, knocking down the Japanese kickboxer three times before the towel was thrown in in the very first round.

The exhibition fight was a total mismatch with Mayweather laughing throughout the contest while his 20-year-old opponent was left balling his eyes out.

Despite the farcical nature of the bout, Mayweather claimed he made $9,000,000 for the Tokyo meeting.

McGregor, who Mayweather beat in his previous fight before Nasukawa, joked about the payday.

Referencing the Forbes rich list, which Mayweather tops, the Irishman said: “That 9 milli won’t keep you on top of my list for long, kid,” adding the hashtag #Forbesy.

Meanwhile, Floyd’s older rival, Pacquiao, put out a tweet saying he is making a New Year’s resolution, to only fight experienced fighters that are his own size.

The comment was clearly mocking Mayweather for taking on the Japanese 5ft 4in 125lbs Nasukawa.

Pacquiao said: “Here is an early New Year's resolution. To continue to only fight experienced opponents who are my size or bigger.”

Mayweather, who topped the Forbes Rich List in 2018 by being named the richest athlete in the world with £212,523,075, said he enjoyed his fight with Nasukawa.

"It was all about entertainment – we had a lot of fun," said the American, who beat UFC's McGregor in a boxing match in August 2017. "They wanted this to happen in Japan, so I said 'why not?'"

He also said he was “still retired”, however there has been speculation he could fight Pacquiao again in a rematch of their 2015 clash in which the American won on points.

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