Mets’ catcher would love a trade to a contender

PITTSBURGH — Devin Mesoraco had been with one team his entire career and was stunned when he learned he was being traded by the Reds after 11 years with the organization.

Should he be dealt for the second time this season, the Mets catcher won’t be caught off-guard. He probably won’t be upset, either.

Though the Mets may not part with any of their starting pitchers before Tuesday’s non-waiver trade deadline, the last-place team’s sell-off could continue with more easily negotiable trades, which could include Mesoraco, and/or Jose Bautista, and/or Wilmer Flores.

Mesoraco, an impending free agent who was acquired in the May 8 trade for Matt Harvey, knows if he is dealt before the Mets return to the field in Washington Tuesday night, he’d likely be joining a playoff contender, as Jeurys Familia and Asdrubal Cabrera recently did.

“I would be super excited to go to a team that is in playoff contention. No doubt about it,” Mesoraco told The Post following Sunday’s 1-0 win over the Pirates. “That’s the goal, to get to the playoffs, and win a lot of games. I’m not tied here through next year or anything like that, but I am very grateful to the Mets for taking a chance on me because that’s what they did.”

Since Mesoraco was named to the All-Star team in 2014 — a season in which he batted .273 with 25 home runs — the veteran catcher has struggled with injuries, averaging less than 32 games over the three years following his breakout campaign.

This season, the 30-year-old has appeared in 68 games, hitting .227 with eight home runs and 27 RBIs in 50 games with the Mets, while being lauded for his handling of the pitching staff, which has produced a historic season from Jacob deGrom, and perhaps the best stretch of Zack Wheeler’s career.

Soon, Mesoraco may have a new staff to help.

“It’s not a situation that I’ve been in, where I was potentially on the move because I’ve been hurt, but I’ll definitely pay attention,” Mesoraco said. “With becoming a free agent, and however many games out we are, you kind of realize that, hey, something may happen. It’s not a surprise. It’s the way things have gone.

“I’ll wait and see what happens. We’ll figure it out, whatever happens.”

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