Miami’s turnover chain for 2018 is somehow even gaudier than last year’s

Miami has a new turnover chain for the 2018 season, and somehow it's even gaudier than the 2017 version that took college football by storm. 

Debuted last year in coach Mark Richt's second season at his alma mater, the turnover chain — awarded to players on the sideline for takeaways — took off in popularity both for Miami fans and the college football world at large, spawning several spinoffs. 

But the original turnover chain apparently got replaced this offseason, though we didn't get to see it in Week 1 as Miami fell to LSU.

In Week 2 the new chain made several appearances as the No. 21 Hurricanes recorded four takeaways in a 77-0 destruction against Savannah State. 

The new chain, which features mascot Sebastian the Ibis as the centerpiece, weighs nearly seven pounds, per ESPN, and is both heavier and longer than the 2017 chain.

More crazy is the reported difference in the number of stones used on the centerpiece. The 2017 "U" logo version had 850, per ESPN. The number that makes up Sebastian? Over 4,000. 

The new chain:  

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