Michael Kay and Craig Carton have first salvo in new ratings war

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It is an Opening Day victory, nothing more, nothing less. Long-term, it may not foretell anything. But it is the first salvo.

And it went to “The Michael Kay Show.”

In Craig Carton’s return to FAN, ESPN New York’s Kay Show beat “Carton & Roberts” in his opening three days among men 25-54, according to Nielsen Audio. Depending how you view streaming, Kay either won the first three days or took two of three. 

On Monday (Nov. 9) from 3-7 p.m. when the programs go head-to-head, Kay won 8.6-6.9 with FAN’s streaming included. Two days later, Kay won 9.2-4.3, again with streaming. On Tuesday (Nov. 10) Kay won, 6.1-5.6, in the traditional way Nielsen present its numbers, but when you add in FAN’s streaming — which is already baked into ESPN New York’s share — then “C&R” comes back for a 8.1-6.1 advantage.

Any way you look at it, this is just for the first three days so, in the burgeoning afternoon radio rating war, it is a blip, an opening blip, but a blip.  

The real sample size is three months, not three days.

In four weeks, appropriately enough, near Christmas, the first month will be available. This will still be an incomplete portrait, though, more telling.

The winter book that begins after the New Year will be the truest, no-excuses first measure if the Carton-led FAN can take the afternoon crown that Kay swiped off Mike Francesa before he went into retirement.

Radio still uses Nielsen Audio’s antiquated system that doesn’t even have the two stations measured on the same streaming metrics. The system is so clunky that it was only Wednesday that we found out the ratings for Carton’s first three shows, Nov. 9-11.

WFAN executives were already emphasizing that Carton won total audience (among all listeners, not the traditional 25-54 male metric) for these three days. In other words, the fight between the two stations is back on.

The traditional battle, right or wrong, has been where radio sells its advertising, which is men 25-54. This may be the electoral college of radio, but it is how it has been tallied.If you use the total audience method, ESPN could counter that Kay’s YES audience should then be included.

As for the content, Carton’s style doesn’t seem to have changed much after his three years away from FAN that included a year in a minimum security prison due to a fraud conviction. 

Carton loves to talk about Carton. It is why it is a divisive listen, because it is more about him than sports.

On Tuesday, there was a caller-inspired bit where Roberts said he would let Francesa give him a hot oil massage for a Jets Super Bowl win. Carton proceeded to do a whole routine, playing it out with Francesa impersonations and voice drops of old Francesa clips, pretending Francesa was putting his “hairy” knuckles on Roberts’ “bird boned” body. 

It was either hilarious or gross, depending on your point of view. What it wasn’t was that classic “Mike & the Mad Dog” FAN afternoon sound. Carton and Roberts do mix a little sports in sometimes.

Kay, with his sidekicks Don La Greca and Peter Rosenberg, is not an all-sports show either. They are on a winning streak after taking down Francesa. The trio got the initial “W”against Carton, but it should be lowercase.

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