Michael Porter Jr. Sees Himself As A Fit With The Chicago Bulls

There could be some mutual admiration between Michael Porter Jr. and the Chicago Bulls.

The Chicago Bulls started the NBA season with dreams of landing Missouri’s Michael Porter Jr. It is a strong chance that the Bulls will enter the NBA draft with the same desires. There is a growing sentiment that the feeling could be mutual.

Armed with pick No. 7 in an unusually deep draft, odds are that the Bulls will take a player with superstar potential. The Bulls’ front office has joined the other 29 NBA teams in attending the NBA scouting combine. According to the Chicago Tribune, Michael Porter Jr. is looking impressive thus far.

Michael Porter Jr. and Mo Bamba are already turning heads only a couple of days in NBA scouting combine. There is no way of telling if either player could catapult into discussions to become one of the top-three picks. The Bulls are holding out hope for some luck.

If the pendulum swings the Bulls’ way, Michael Porter Jr. will be waiting for them at No. 7. It would be a nice reward for the Bulls for losing ground after the draft order was known. In Michael Porter Jr., the Bulls may luck up on a player who relishes the idea of playing for them.

The former consensus No. 1 draft prospect was keen on the idea of playing for the Bulls.

Michael Porter Jr. lost his position of being the top NBA draft pick due to him having a microdiscectomy of two spinal disks. The surgery took place during Porter Jr.’s lone year at Missouri.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Michael Porter Jr. says that he is 100 percent healthy. That should quell any of the Bulls fears if he is still on the board when their pick comes.

Other teams may also find Michael Porter Jr. enticing to take. He could conceivably be taken anywhere between fourth and eighth. However, it would be odd to see Porter Jr. fall past the Bulls.

Frontcourt players dominate the first half of the lottery picks. Every team choosing before the Bulls have significant needs at center and power forward, with the exception of the Orlando Magic, who need a guard.

Meanwhile, the Bulls have a need for a wing player. Perhaps the best position for Michael Porter Jr. is on the wing. He has thoughts of playing for the Bulls just as the Bulls had thoughts of taking him.

There is a match between Michael Porter Jr. and the Chicago Bulls.

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