Mike Francesa is going to hate this ‘absurd’ Francisco Lindor contract

This is probably one of those days Mike Francesa wishes he still had a New York radio show.

The former WFAN host was already fired up about the Mets’ contract talks with Francisco Lindor on Wednesday afternoon when the offer to the star shortstop was for 10 years and $325 million. Later that night, the two sides came to an agreement on a 11-year, $341 million deal.

“This Lindor contract is absurd,” Francesa tweeted. “First 10 year contracts are terrible for the club. In this case, the Mets went the extra mile.

“If he walks away from 10 for 325 and has a bad year here, which many first-year stars do, he will regret forever. If Mets budge they are weak and stupid.”

The Mets did budge, as did Lindor, who initially was asking for 12 years and $385 million. Either Francesa has not seen the news yet, or is figuring out the perfect 280-character annihilation of Steve Cohen.

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