Mike Francesa returns as if nothing’s happened

It’s like he never left.

Mike Francesa ended his laughably brief retirement and made his return to radio Tuesday afternoon, reappearing on WFAN, by interrupting John Minko’s 3 p.m. update:

“Come on, Mink, hurry up,” Francesa said. “I have things to do.”

Back on the air for the first time since Dec. 15, Francesa almost immediately began talking about the Yankees-Astros series, largely skipping over the details of his controversial return.

“It’s nice to be back, a little surprising to be back,” Francesa said. “We’ll get into all of that. I’m sure some of you have some questions, if you do, we’ll answer them then. I’m not going to sit here and give you a litany of what happened, because some of it is none of your business, and the rest of it I’ll tell you as we go along.

“It’s time to get down and do some sports, which I haven’t done in a long time.”

Of course, Francesa also found time to complain in his first few minutes back.

“Boy, did we have rotten weather, don’t get me started on that,” said Francesa, who later touted the app he is releasing. “This is the first nice day we’ve had ever this spring, and it’s the first day I have to be here. God’s playing a little trick on me as far as that.

“It’s 80 and sunny, and I’ve waited two months for an 80 degree day to play golf.”

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