Mike Tyson will weigh almost THREE STONE more than Roy Jones Jr when boxing legends meet for exhibition match

MIKE TYSON could weigh as much as THREE STONE more than rival Roy Jones Jr when the veterans face off later this year.

Jones Jr revealed he was aware of the chasm in weight between them but wouldn't let that stop him from entering the ring with The Baddest Man on the Planet.

Most of the focus ahead of their exhibition fight has been on their age, with Tyson now 54 and Jones Jr 51.

But it seems that weight could be another major factor when they meet in California.

Jones told The Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM Fight Nation: “His people called me. They said, ‘give us a call’ – so I called them back. They said: ‘Tyson might want to do an exhibition fight and he wants you as the opponent’.

“I was like, 'wait, he wants me?'

“So, I said let me see if we can do this. Let me think about it and let me talk to my family. Let’s see what happens.

“We started talking and eventually we signed what I consider to be a decent deal for the fight. They called me back and said let’s hit it and I said alright.

“It’s never been hard to make a fight with me. If you wanna fight I’m ready. I am one guy that you can say it’s never been hard to make a fight with.

“I’m fighting Tyson at 30 or 40 pounds (weight difference) because he said he wanted to fight me. But I’m never going to say no.

“I am fully retired but am not saying no to Mike Tyson.”

While Tyson will weigh in the heavier of the two former champs, the difference in size might have been much bigger.

The youngest ever heavyweight champion revealed he has lost six stone during his training for the fight.

The eight-round exhibition bout was due to take place on September 12, however reports claim it will now take place on November 28 to give the pair more time to prepare and promote the event.

While Tyson has been spending much time in the gym to get in shape, he recently took time out to go diving with SHARKS.

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