Murdered footballer Daniel Correa Freitas ‘was alive when penis cut off’ before ‘killers threw severed manhood up tree’

Daniel Correa Freitas, 24, was killed after he posted a prank picture of himself in bed next to the wife of Edison Brittes at a party.

The 38-year-old businessman and his wife Cristiana have now been formally charged with Daniel’s murder.

The footballer's mutilated remains were discovered in a bush in São Jose dos Pinhais, in Brazil’s southern state of Paraná on October 27.

He had been partially beheaded and his genitals dismembered with a sharp knife.

His genitals were recovered from a tree where they had allegedly been tossed.

A forensic report by Paraná Scientific Police and the Medical Legal Institute (IML) said the cause of the death was a stab to the neck with “an extremely sharp implement”.

IML chief Paulino Pastre told local media the investigation revealed that while Daniel’s penis was “most likely” cut off after he was stabbed, it is not possible to specify the exact “moment when this occurred”.

Before being killed, Daniel had partied with the Brittes family at a nightclub in Curitiba on October 26 to celebrate their daughter Alana’s 18th birthday.

He had then reportedly been invited to continue the festivities into the following day at the family’s house.

At some point he got into bed Cristiana Brittes and took a photo of himself, which enraged her husband.

After being severely battered, Daniel was bundled half naked into the boot of the family car and driven to a forest area some 12 miles from the house.

On the way, forensic investigators believe he must have heard his own “death sentence” as Brittes discovered messages on the São Paulo star’s phone as they drove.

In them he claimed he was going to “eat the mother” of the birthday girl.

There were blood stains in the garage as well as in Brittes's car and signs that attempts may have been made to clean up the evidence, investigators said.

Investigators found traces of blood spattered on the walls and floor of the couple’s bedroom, which allegedly suggest Daniel was beaten while still in the master bedroom.

Investigators had already indicated Brittes would be charged after he confessed on TV to carrying out the killing.

On Sunday detectives said they have now decided to seek a murder conviction against his wife Cristiana, 35, along with procedural fraud and coercion of witnesses.

Prosecutor Joao Milton Salles said to Globo TV “this homicide would never have happened the way it did without Cristiana”.

She led Daniel to believe that taking a picture of himself next to her would be viewed as “harmless”.

Salles she “knew the character of her husband and his violent personality” adding “we believe she didn’t try to prevent” the murder.

But the family’s lawyer, Cláudio Dalledone, said Cristiana tried to prevent the player from being attacked and more than one witness heard her calling for help.

He said Cristiana Brittes claimed Daniel rubbed his erect penis on her when she was asleep and when she woke up in the early hours of the morning “saw him on top of her and started screaming”.

Edison Brittes has said he “lost his temper” when he saw Daniel lying in the same bed next to his wife.

He admitted to violently beating and killing the player after accusing him of raping his wife.

Brittes initially said in his TV confession he had busted open the door with his shoulder though he later told police during questioning he entered through the window.

The businessman said he committed the murder alone and “dragged” the body into the thicket by himself.

A video shows the suspect at the crime scene with detectives a few days after the body was found.

Several other guests at the house party were allegedly involved in the assault.

According to police, Eduardo da Silva, 19, Ygor King, 19 and David Willian,18, participated in assaulting and torturing the player.

They were allegedly in the car that took Daniel to his death in the forest.

Also in custody are Allana, indicted by police for coercion of witnesses and procedural fraud, and Eduardo Purkote,18, who is accused of serious bodily harm.

Police said they do not believe Daniel raped or attempted to rape Mrs Brittes, whose younger daughter aged 12 is now being cared for by neighbours.

Detective Amadeu Trevisan, investigating the case, said the killing was disproportionate to the alleged crime and toxicology reports indicate the victim was too drunk to “carry out a sex attack”.

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