NBA Trade Talk: Anthony Davis And Kevin Durant To Join LeBron James With The Lakers, Per ‘Scoop B’

Rumor has it that the Los Angeles Lakers are going to have their ‘Big Three’ very soon.

There are teams in the NBA which like to do whatever it takes to form a “Big Three” and build the rest of the roster around them. The Los Angeles Lakers believed that they could do that and they started by signing the first piece of the puzzle in LeBron James. A number of rumors have been flying around regarding other players that may end up out west, but it looks as if some believe Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis are solid locks.

It’s hard to know just what will happen in the future as teams can make better offers, contracts can be altered, and players can change their minds. LeBron James returned to Cleveland for a few years and ended up leaving once more to find a home with the LA Lakers.

According to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Heavy, LBJ is going to get some new teammates soon and it’s pretty much already confirmed.

Robinson states that Kevin Durant already has one foot out the door with the Golden State Warriors. Durant had signed a two-year contract worth $61.5 million with an option to opt out before the 2019-2020 season which will lead him to Los Angeles.

Rumor has it that no matter what, Durant is going to leave Golden State and become a Laker next season as Scoop B first reported back in September.

Scoop B believes that Durant is planning his future move a full year ahead of time and that is exactly what LeBron James did with his move to the Lakers. From there, the Lakers are expected to have the best duo in the entire league, but they want more.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Lakers are not against offering as many as five players in a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis. The big man in the “Big Easy” has two years left on his contract and won’t be a free agent until 2020, but the Pelicans aren’t going to let him go easily at that time either.

The Big Lead is reporting that the Pelicans are in “desperation mode” to keep Davis in New Orleans. Front office executives know they need to get together some star power to surround Davis and keep him with the team, but Scoop B says it won’t matter what they do.

Scoop B’s report on Heavy states that his source is “emphatic” that the Lakers are interested in having Anthony Davis team with Kevin Durant and LeBron James as soon as next year. Having LBJ, KD, and AD in LA together is “all part of the plan.”

For that to happen, though, it would need to be a trade which gets Davis away from the Pelicans and it would have to be a good one. Scoop B believes there are at least two trade packages already being considered as offers by Los Angeles.

Right now, Davis isn’t going anywhere and won’t unless the Pelicans decide to pull off a trade which they said they would never do. Yahoo Sports reported comments made by Davis where he said he needed to play at his best every single night for them to win, and that simply means he knows they need help on the roster.

The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t having the greatest success right now with LeBron James, a few veterans, and a lot of youthful talent. If LA can add Kevin Durant in free agency next year, it would immediately turn them into contenders. Going a step further, the Lakers are going to push to complete a trade for Anthony Davis and it could be dangerous for the rest of the NBA if that “Big Three” becomes a reality.

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