Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock reveals his mum gave him permission to ‘sort’ Piers Morgan out if he was nasty to him on GMB – The Sun

RAZOR RUDDOCK joked his mum had given him permission to "sort out" Piers Morgan if he was horrible to him during an interview on Good Morning Britain.

Former West Ham and Liverpool star Ruddock went on to talk about how he was clinically dead when his heart stopped during surgery.

He also revealed a sleep machine detected his heart stopped for seven seconds each night before he had a pacemaker fitted following years of heavy boozing.

But it was Morgan's heart that skipped a beat after notorious hardman Razor revealed his mother had told him to rough up the presenter if he gave him a tough time on TV.

Ruddock, 52, said: "My mum said, 'If that Piers Morgan's horrible to you then I want you to get in the car, drive to the studio and sort him out, right?'."

Stunned, Morgan replied: "Even though we are socially distancing, Neil, the idea that I would take on Razor Ruddock is madness."

Ruddock joked back: "Two metres… just wear your mask and gloves."


Morgan – who recently took a comedy tumble off a chair at a charity golf day – added: "Tell your mother I may look stupid but I'm not stupid enough to take on Razor Ruddock even if you have had heart issues."

Former defender Ruddock was feared as one of football's hardest men during a 17-year career that included one cap for England in 1994.

He has gone on to become a regular on TV since his retirement, starring in the likes of I'm a Celeb…, Celebrity Masterchef and recently Harry's Heroes.

It was on there that Ruddock had a blazing row with Paul Merson after the ex-Arsenal star told Ruddock his drinking was “out of control”.

Razor opened up to the Daily Star about the extent of his drinking and subsequent health problems.

He said: "At my worst I was crazy – I was doing three or four ­bottles of wine a day, easy-peasy, plus spirits, beers, cocktails.

"Before I could get my pacemaker I had to have my heart zapped to slow it down.

"They zap it seven times. If your heartbeat doesn’t return to normal after seven times, you’re in trouble.

"Mine came back the third time they did it – but it stopped and I was technically dead for several seconds."

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