New pictures reveal Tyson Fury's battered and bruised face after brutal Deontay Wilder fight as insists he was denied 'greatest comeback in boxing history'

The Gypsy King was left devastated and called for Mexican judge Alejandro Rochin to be banned for life following his hugely controversial draw with Deontay Wilder.

Rochin caused uproar when he gave the fight 115-111 in favour of the American.

Another judge gave it 114-112 to Fury with Brit Phil Edwards awarding the draw.

The 30-year-old has produced a remarkable comeback of his own after battling back from depression, drug and alcohol abuse.

And he insists he was denied a slice of boxing history in Los Angeles when he was prevented a deserved win.

Showing off his battered and bruised face on Good Morning Britain, Fury said: "I wasn't looking for favours all I wanted was fair treatment.

"When you know you've worked hard and climbed off the canvas twice and battled back I thought I definitely won.

"The only two rounds I lost were round nine and 12. The feeling was catastrophic. When they said a draw I could not believe what I was hearing.

"I'm absolutely devastated with the result, I can't put into words how hard I've worked. Everyone knows I won.

"History will look back on this, they've denied me the biggest comeback in history."

Fury admitted how his team were so angry with the decision he had to calm them down to prevent a massive brawl.

He added: "I tried to calm by brothers down, the last thing I wanted was a mass brawl which could have happened if I didn't calm the situation down.

"It could have given boxing and my country a bad reputation anyway so we didn't want to make it any worse with a riot.

"Travelling British fans don't have the best reputation anyway so I tried to calm all the problems down and get out of there."

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