New RFL CEO Ralph Rimmer believes talk of civil war could be a GOOD thing

And he will have more of it surrounding him after refusing to reveal when clubs will find out what system they will be playing under next season.

Super League’s new chief executive Robert Elstone wants the Super 8s concept binned, Championship and League One clubs have slammed the suggestion.

At the moment there has been no resolution, meaning clubs will enter it this year not knowing whether it will go on – and more whinges.

But the Rugby Football League’s new chief executive believes they can be GOOD for the game.

Rimmer said: “You get quotes about civil war but I’m really excited about it, I think it’s good. There’s a climate for change and that’s really healthy.

“It’s what it is. Do I think it’s helpful? Not particularly but do I lose sleep over it? Not at all. There are differences of opinion but there always has been but another year of instability would be damaging.

“Disruption and challenge gives us the opportunity to do something different and we do need to do something different but at this moment in time, structure and funding distributions can’t change without the backing of the RFL and if there’s no agreement, it will be status quo.

“It’s part of a more complicated equation. I’m talking to Robert on a regular basis, as are all the frontline team at the RFL. It’s a more complicated equation; the league structure is simply part of something wider.

“I get the fact there are frustrations it’s not sorted as of yet. However, in the end, we’ve got a position currently that needs resolving and it’s important we find the right solution. If we have to wait a couple of weeks longer than expected before it’s resolved, then in the long run, that will be far better.

“We’re in a critical period in rugby league history at this time because of the changes in the landscape.

“We have some internal deadlines at the RFL for it but I don’t think it’s of much benefit to share them externally. There is clearly a great deal of noise being made at this moment in time but we’re letting the noise take care of itself. It’s an internal deadline, so we have to see how things pan out.”

The Rugby Football League also confirmed an English side will have to fly thousands of miles to Toronto for the Million Pound Game if the Wolfpack finish fourth in the Qualifiers.

Fourth plays fifth in a one-off shoot-out for the final Super League place and if the Canadian side does finish fourth, then it will be a near 7,000-mile round trip.

Karen Moorhouse, the RFL’s director of operations, said: “We’re doing all the behind the scenes work and working with all the clubs in case it happens.”

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