Neymar lauds 'monster' Cristiano Ronaldo as he sets sights on success of Juventus superstar and Lionel Messi

The Brazilian superstar became the world’s costliest player when he moved to PSG from Barcelona for £198m in 2017.

Yet despite his lofty status, the 26-year-old admits he remains in awe of playing alongside and against the two best players of this generation.

Speaking to The Players’ Tribune, Neymar said: “I played with Messi, who is, for me, one of the greatest footballers of all time, and he is my idol in football.

“With Messi, I learned every day, whether during our practice, or playing with him, or just watching him play.

“And that made me stronger and it increased my capacity on the field because I kept learning a lot from him.

“As for Cristiano Ronaldo, he is a monster.

“Facing him is a pleasure and an honour, but we have to be more prepared.

“He is one of the greatest in football so you get smarter, you get alert, but at the same time you learn a lot, too.

“So, they are two of the big guys that I can relate to, because I want to learn, I want more, I want to win, I want more trophies, score more goals…so I keep learning from them every day.”

Neymar was speaking in a crossover conversation with Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors’ three-time NBA champion, for a special Players Tribune story.

Neymar revealed school friends of his seven-year-old son Davi Lucca refuse to believe his father is Brazil’s No10.

He said: “My son was at school with his friends and a TV ad was going on. If I’m not mistaken, it was an ad for Brazil’s match.

“Then I was on TV. So my son said, 'That’s my dad'.

“One of his friends said, 'No, that’s not your dad'.

“My son, 'Yes, he is my dad'.

“And my son’s friend, 'No, Neymar can’t be your dad'.

“So, a little argument started between them. And it was taken to their teacher…and the teacher talked to them. And my son was a bit sad because no one believed I was his dad.”

Neymar, who has guided PSG to the 2017-18 French domestic Treble, says fellow countryman Dani Alves is the life and soul of the dressing-room.

He added: “The funniest guy is Dani Alves. He’s an amazing guy.

“I like when he posts a video of him singing. The way he goes in the locker room, he jokes with everybody, he always keeps our morale up, he has a good energy.

“He gives nicknames to everybody. So, he always has a different story to tell, but what we love the most is when he posts a video on Instagram, he starts singing.

“We laugh a lot and we love when he does that. His nickname is ‘Good Crazy’.”

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