NFL Network’s Kim Jones leaves hospital after ‘almost’ dying

Kim Jones is looking forward to getting back to her NFL Network gig, not long after being released from a Northern Virginia hospital’s vascular unit following a two-week stay.

While what landed Jones in the Inova Fairfax Heart & Vascular isn’t being publicized, it was clearly no small matter.

“The surgeons saved my life … against big odds,” she said in video posted to Instagram on Wednesday. “The nurses have been great, the techs have been great, everyone in this hospital has helped put me back together.”

The former Giants and Yankees reporter is also a fill-in host at WFAN in addition to her NFL Network duties, though it’s unknown when she’ll be getting back on the airwaves.

“A week ago today, I almost died,” she posted on Thanksgiving. “Great doctors saved my life — but that’s for another day.”

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