NFL’s fragileness forces return of DVQ 4.0 fantasy football system

In a classic movie-trailer voice:

In a world where the globe is gripped by a pandemic and the fate of all sports season hangs in the balance, there is a man obsessed with a trivial fantasy game, a Madman with a system that has conquered all obstacles ever put in his path.

Until now. An outbreak of opt-outs by players, and the flurry of updates that follow, has disrupted our system — in which any single productive player eliminated from the pool changes the evaluation of every other potential draftable target. This parade of maladies have hindered this Madman’s expediency in perfecting the Draft Value Quotient, the DVQ 4.0 system introduced last season.

But fear not, for this Madman always will overcome. The DVQ lives, even if unseen. And despite having to socially distance from the DVQ ratings, our hero will endure to make sure it continues to operate in the background.

In a time marred by global disaster, the Madman is here to make sure you survive the fantasy season. Even if you can’t see the DVQ 4. Doh!

For reasons too dull and monotonous to list, the DVQ ratings system that has become the Madman’s staple has run into problems trying to keep up with the ongoing parade of players opting out, and the likelihood positive tests will extend the unpredictable trend into the foreseeable future.

Instead, this season, we are going to lean on the latest iteration — DVQ 4.0, introduced last season — as a background evaluation crutch that helps us craft our advice and rankings, rather than the DVQ be our primary focus.

Our evaluations will appear as a throwback to yesteryear, which makes sense since the avalanche of inside info that has grown annually of late is absent this season — with no offseason, no depth chart changes, no preseason and what looks to be a limited training camp hindering our evaluation opportunities.

This season’s prep is more raw, based more on situational expectations than forecasts of usage — it is hard to fashion predictions on which players are gaining ground on a starting job when there is no activity to allow them to do so. We’re more focused on the situation — veterans familiar with a system are preferable even over younger, inexperienced players with more talent.

The Madman’s same tireless effort endures, even if the display is not the same. Consider it our mask to help defend against the integrity of our formula amid a pandemic. We will prevail. The DVQ will survive.

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