Odell Beckham just doesn’t like water and it’s causing problems

Another Odell Beckham Jr. controversy has begun. This time it has nothing to do with quarterback Eli Manning or the Giants’ offensive gameplan.

It’s about water, and his disdain for it.

“I really don’t like water,” the star receiver said Friday before practice as he held a bottle of water in his hand.

The subject came up when Beckham was asked why he has twice needed an IV for dehydration at the end of the first half of games. This is obviously not just about a cup of water but drinking gallons of it to stay hydrated.

“I’m trying. I really just don’t like it,” Beckham said. “You get that stomach feeling — it’s all slushy. I’m trying to stay hydrated. Sometimes I got to get an IV. It’s just necessary. If you’re cramping in both calves, it’s hard to run and make cuts.

“If you are cramping, you are susceptible to something else. I’m trying to stay on top of it the best that I can.”

This is reminiscent of Mets slugger Yoenis Cespedes, who also isn’t a fan of water. Cespedes began drinking more water in recent years, but that hasn’t helped the outfielder stay on the field.

Giants coach Pat Shurmur was surprised when the topic was broached with him. Unlike Beckham, he enjoys water.

“That’s news to me, yeah,” the coach said. “Listen, Odell and I and the players talk about a lot of things. We don’t talk about our like and dislike of water.”

Maybe that’s another discussion that needs to be had.

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