The Open 2018: Golfer Bryson DeChambeau mocked over bizarre 'sleeping' photo

The idiosyncratic American is known for doing things completely his own way on the course.

All his irons are the same length and he recently copped a telling off from rules officials for using a compass during a round.

But perhaps the strangest thing yet has been this photo shared on his official Instagram account apparently showing him fast asleep in bed.

The black and white snap, used as a promotion for Bose's "noise-masking sleepbuds", left some of his 136,000 followers confused – and a little disturbed.

One wrote: "This has got to be the weirdest pic on Instagram."

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A fellow user said: "Who the hell took this? A creepy photographer who takes pictures of sleeping golfers?"

Another posted: "Nothing weird here, move along."

A fellow user said: "This is over the top. I don't like it."

One comment read: "OK I love golf and want to play golf for a living but this is just so cringey."

Another wrote: "No one is worried about who is taking this picture while the dude is sleeping?"

DeChambeau, 24, captioned the photo: "Put it in the work… day and night. Discipline to train hard in summer heat and @Bose noise-masking sleepbuds to rest hard in noisy hotels."

In reality, this was almost certainly a staged shoot in which DeChambeau was posing in bed.

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