Paul Pogba should leave Manchester United if he is not happy, says Gary Neville

The World Cup winner has admitted he has a fractious relationship with boss Jose Mourinho.

Barcelona and former side Juventus have been strongly linked with a move for Pogba all summer.

But Neville insists no player will ever be bigger than the club and it is for that reason Pogba, if he does not want to stick around, should go, rather than be a "mercenary".

Speaking to the Times, Sky Sports pundit Neville said: "Neville the pundit on Pogba would say, ‘He’s a talented player but I want to see more consistency and leadership.'

"As a fan, honestly, part of me is that no one is bigger than the club and I am not interested in people who are looking left and right.

"So Paul, if you want to go play somewhere else, let’s make that work for you because Manchester United will be fine, don’t worry about that.

"The owner in me would do what United are doing at the moment, saying he is not for sale.

"They have to protect their asset but privately they might be doing a deal because they want to get their £90million back.

"If I was still in that dressing room giving personal advice it would be, ‘Paul, it’s obvious you want to play somewhere else but be professional.'

"Don’t be someone who is seen as a mercenary or a mutineer. You don’t need to do that.’

"So there are four ways to look at it — pundit, owner, fan, a personal word."

Reports claimed Pogba's agent Mino Raiola had told the midfielder "three years then Spain" after he rejoined Man Utd.

The obvious goal was to get his man a move to Real Madrid or Barcelona.

But Pogba recently said he is committed to Old Trafford.

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