Pogba shouted 'he f***ed with the wrong baller' when Mourinho got sacked by Man Utd

SunSport can reveal fully the extent of the breakdown in the pair's sour relationship before Mourinho was axed on Tuesday morning.

In October, midfielder Pogba reacted angrily to Mourinho's advice to emulate Frank Lampard.

He hit back, asking Mourinho if Lampard had won the World Cup – like he did with France last summer.

Michael Carrick brought a halt to Pogba’s changing-room celebration over Mourinho’s sacking by telling United’s stars: No one is bigger than the club.

Carrick, appointed by Mourinho to his coaching staff last summer and then put in temporary charge for 48 hours after the Portuguese’s sacking, was not prepared to stand aside and watch players dance on the dumped manager’s grave.

So, in astonishing scenes, Carrick, a Champions League winner in 2008, told the players that the club was bigger than any one player or any manager.

In a no-nonsense message he also reminded them that the club would still get rid of anyone who is not going to meet its standards and that they needed to fight for the United shirt.

Carrick’s message still did not dampen the heightened spirits among the players at the news that Mourinho had gone.

Pogba led those celebrations saying: “He thought he could make a fool of me and turn the fans against me. He f***ed with the wrong baller.”

Pogba had also posted a picture on his Instagram account of him smirking after the news of Mourinho’s departure entitled “caption this”.

Gary Neville responded on Twitter saying: “'Caption this.' You do one as well!”

Pogba took down the post and his team tried to claim it had just been a coincidence in timing, something Neville later described on TV as “garbage”.

The only player who remained indifferent to the euphoric mood in the Carrington dressing room on Tuesday was Romelu Lukaku, who Mourinho bought from Everton for an initial £75million 18 months ago.

Mourinho did not address the players after his sacking but did thank his coaching staff before leaving Carrington.

He thought he could make a fool of me and turn the fans against me. He f***ed with the wrong baller

United great and Molde coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been appointed caretaker boss to the end of the season with Sir Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man Mike Phelan returning as his assistant.

Carrick will remain on the coaching staff with Kieran McKenna and they both took training yesterday.

Mourinho, meanwhile, is preparing to release his own statement about why his United reign came to an end.

It is unknown whether he will remain diplomatic or send barbed messages to certain players and the board.

While executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward rubber-stamped a £400million spending spree on 11 players, Mourinho still felt he needed more support in the transfer market.

Those constant gripes annoyed Woodward but it was the increasingly alarming performances that, in the end, finished Mourinho’s reign — to the delight of most of the players.

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