Premier League BLOCK Sky and BT from asking questions about when season will resume – The Sun

THE Premier League have blocked Sky and BT from asking questions about when the season will resume – and warned interview access to players and managers will be revoked if they do not comply.

All clubs have agreed for their manager to be interviewed every four weeks and a player every two weeks as broadcasters desperately try to come up with content with football suspended indefinitely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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But the access now comes with restrictions as all questions relating to when the season will resume, and if games are likely to be played behind closed doors, have been banned.

In an email sent to Sky Sports staff, obtained by the Daily Mail, they are urged to stick to the rules they had agreed to during negotiations last week.

The email states: "It’s clear that the Premier League will revoke access if we do not stick to these guidelines.

"The interviews have been agreed on the grounds that they are part of the football contract; access is intended to be fun and relaxed.

"Clubs are extremely nervous about putting anyone up (for interview) at the moment so we must stick to the following processes.

"We should avoid “news” interviews as much as possible."

Sky paid £1.19billion for the right to broadcast 128 games this season while and BT forked out £325m for 52 games.

The Premier League feared Sky could ask for a rebate with over £370m worth of live matches still to be shown on their sports channels this season.

But a source in contact with Premier League chairmen told The Times: "By June or July they will be playing games solely as TV events.

"If they have to play four games a day at Wembley to get it done, they will do that."

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