Rafael Nadal struck with time violation at Wimbledon 2018 before his match

Rafa Nadal was hit by a time violation even before his match by his least favourite umpire – and then claimed he did not notice.

The world No.1 and Carlos Bernardes fell out in 2015 when the Brazilian told the Spaniard he would issue a penalty if he left the court to change his shorts.

The 17-time Grand Slam winner then asked for Bernardes not to officiate at his matches.

Before Nadal beat Kazakhstan’s Mikhail Kukushkin in straight sets yesterday, the umpire gave Nadal a time warning for remaining in his chair too long. He received another before the start of the third set. The two are counted as separate offences.

But asked about his first warning, the two-time champion here said: “I received two time violations? First news about that.

“I was slow enough to receive a time violation. I accepted. Between sets I needed that time to change all these stuff because was a very humid day, that’s all. I know I had to take the wristband, T-shirt, banana out, change everything.

“Probably I should go to toilet. If I go to the toilet, I had plenty of time to change everything without the time violation. I decided to stay on the chair.”

And Nadal said he will not ask for Bernardes to be removed from his future matches.

“No problem with the umpire,” he claimed. “I just can ask if I believe that somebody’s not doing the things fair with me or was not respectful for me.

"I respect when I am slow, accept the warnings. I do my best to be quick. Sometimes I not good enough to be that quick. I need my time to think about what to do for the next point, that’s all.”

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