Rashed Belhasa, known as Money Kicks, is the Dubai rich kid who owns a zoo visited by Paul Pogba, Luka Modric, Lionel Messi and Anthony Joshua

While most teens Rashed Belhasa's age are contemplating what to do with their lives, this spoiled Dubai rich kid is living his!

The Instagram star, who has over 1.5 million followers and posts under the name Money Kicks, lives in a mansion in the UAE that has its own private zoo filled with over 500 exotic animals.

Because of that, the son of construction mogul Saif Ahmed Belhasa, worth around £4billion, can count the world's greatest footballers and sports stars as his friends.

Inside the private zoo, you'll find lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, and even bears.

Hilariously, he has even named some of them after A-list celebrities and cartoon characters.

There's two giraffes named after Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie.

While there is a monkey called Paris Hilton, who incidentally has visited Belhasa.

Other celebrities including Ronaldo, Jackie Chan, Floyd Mayweather, Rihanna and Mariah Carey have also had animals named after them, as well made the pilgrimage to the astonishing grounds you need a go-kart to negotiate around.

And it's footballers who are now coming in their droves, wowed by Belhasa's wealth and the opportunity to feed a beast they'd never encounter otherwise.

Jesse Lingard, John Terry, David Luiz, Luka Modric and more have all fed a tiger or a cub some milk for a photo op.

While Paul Pogba loved nothing more than hanging out with Belhasa and his chimpanzees.

Even boxers Anthony Joshua and Floyd Mayweather have gone toe-to-toe with some bears and orangutans.

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The zoo itself can be seen from the lavish home's living room and was featured on Channel 4's World's Weirdest Homes back in December.

Belhasa revealed that the zoo isn't open to the public, the family don't make a profit from it and the animals aren't badly treated.

"We take care of all our animals," he said.

"When I went to Kenya, I see a lot of lions dying because they eat once a month and here they eat every single day."

Because of his wealth, Belhasa rubs shoulders with celebrities who make him their first port of call when they arrive in Dubai.

“They all want to spend time on our family farm and see our tigers,” he told Dubai's English-speaking newspaper, The National.

“Wiz Khalifa is my friend. Steve Aoki is my friend. They have all come to our farm.

"But sometimes I have to say no to celebrities who want to come here. I don’t have the time and it is tiring."

Alongside being heir to a home zoo, Belhasa also boasts an incredible trainer collection worth around £800,000 that he loves to show off to his sporting mates.

In fact, he has an entire room dedicated to his sneakers – that include limited editions Yeezys, Bapes and Air Jordans kept in secure cases so they're well preserved.

It's all part of Belhasa's masterplan, to eventually open his own trainer store in Dubai.

“Whatever I make from my clothing line and YouTube ads, I put into buying sneakers,” he revealed.

"But this isn’t just me wasting money, this is a serious business investment."

Back in 2017, Belhasa made headlines when he showed off his birthday present – a £200k Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – to his followers on social media.


He had the supercar custom-wrapped in Louis Vuitton Supreme logos, flaunting his lavish lifestyle.

However, with the legal driving age being 18 in Dubai, Belhasa will still have to wait a year before he can drive it.

For the moment, he will have to stick to petting lions and posing with famous footballers.

Honestly, it's not that hard a life, is it?

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