Rhodri Giggs advert: Ryan's brother rips love-rat with hilarious 'loyalty' jibes in Paddy Power ad

The video, titled "Loyalty is dead," constantly references the much-publicised incident which ripped the family apart, as well as the pair's subsequent fall-out.

Giggs started off the advert by saying that he "wants to talk to you about loyalty" – before he takes a trip to his local pub – named the Prince of Wales.

The barmaid – standing in front of a wandering cock poster – then asks him if he would like a pint of bitter, to which the 41-year-old said: "Not anymore Pam, champagne please."

Rhodri then gives a smirk to the camera after watching Wales lose on the television after the commentator states: "Questions will be asked of the manager."

Giggs then plays up to his lack of footballing talent in the park in comparison to the Manchester United hero, as a bloke in the background takes his top off and swings it around.

He then takes a swig of his cup of tea out of a Manchester City mug while reading a newspaper with the headline: "United legend REJECTED for dream job."

His on-screen partner then states she is nipping out to the shops, to which Rhodri says: "We do need milk."

While he is also urged to think of someone who makes him angry during a boxing session at the gym, before finishing his voice over by saying, "Loyalty gets you nowhere. Live for rewards instead," as he drives off in a convertible.

Speaking of the advert, Rhodri – who hasn't spoken to Ryan  in seven years – said: "I’m sure, after the initial defensiveness, he’ll have a laugh about it.

"It’s funny. The whole thing is just me poking fun at the situation, because I’m over it.

"I’m not in the dark place I was years ago, I’ve moved on, he’s moved on, my ex-wife has moved on.”

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