Richie Incognito arrested before father’s funeral: ‘Wants to kill someone’

A tough weekend got even worse for Richie Incognito by Monday.

While dealing with the death of his father, the former Bills lineman was arrested on counts of disorderly conduct and threats stemming from an argument at a funeral home in Arizona.

As of Tuesday morning, Incognito remained in custody, according to multiple reports.

Incognito announced on Twitter on Sunday that his father, Army Airborne Ranger Richard Dominick Dejasa, had passed away Saturday. While he was coordinating arrangements Monday, Incognito allegedly acted “erratically and [made] the employees feel incredibly uncomfortable,” a source told ProFootballTalk.

Incognito allegedly made a gun gesture toward one employee and said he had guns in his trucks, which a source confirmed to PFT.

In an emergency dispatch audio, obtained by TMZ, the operator said Incognito was “mad at employees and wants to kill someone.”

It’s been a troubling few months for Incognito, who also had a run-in with the law in May after an outburst at a gym in Florida. He was not arrested, but was taken to a mental hospital after allegedly throwing weights at a man and thinking government authorities were out to get him.

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