Roy Jones Jr, 51, reveals he has been visited by VADA for 'regular fight testing' ahead of facing 54-year-old Mike Tyson

ROY JONES JR revealed has been visited by anti-doping testers ahead of his fight against Mike Tyson.

The American legend claimed the eight-round exhibition on November 28 will have 'regular fight testing'.

And Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) have already taken a pre-fight sample from the 51-year-old.

Jones told Joe Rogan: “They said they were doing regular fight testing, so just how they would do in a normal fight.

“We’re going to get tested as though we were regular athletes, as though we were fighting a regular sanctioned fight.

"VADA has already been to my house once.

"If you ain’t got it in those 51-years of life, then too bad, you ain’t getting it."

Tyson, who retired in 2005, has dramatically transformed his body since picking up the gloves again.

Jones on the other hand only retired two years ago, off the back of four wins, against unfamiliar opponents.

The pay-per-view spectacle will now be over two minute rounds, instead of the regular three.

Jones said the WBC were involved in the decision.

And they were influenced after watching the exhibition bout between Julio Cesar Chavez, 58, and Jorge Arce, 41, who were both exhausted after four rounds.

Jones said: "They decided this just last week.  They change stuff on me by the week. 

"I think the WBC came in and said they want to put up some kind of title or something, so they want to cut it back to two minute rounds. 

"They said something about the Arce and Chavez Sr fight, how fatigued they were after the fight and they feel like that's a safety measure. 

"But what they don't realise is that the longer you keep Mike fresh, the more dangerous that is for me. 

"I need to get Mike un-fresh quick, so that I can get out this danger zone. 

"(Chavez Sr) and Arce fought a 'true' exhibition with  headgear and big gloves, but they said they were so exhausted afterwards, that they felt that is what could inhibit somebody's health." 

"I want it to be three minute rounds, it's safer for me." 

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