Saskatchewan Rush clinch 6th straight West Division title in win over Mammoth

For five straight seasons, the Saskatchewan Rush breezed through the regular season, finishing first in the West Division with ease.

This year, it took a victory in their National Lacrosse League (NLL) regular-season finale to claim the top spot in the west.

The Rush jumped out to an incredible 11-1 lead through the first half, en route to a 13-8 victory over the Colorado Mammoth on Saturday. Saskatchewan has won the West Division every year since moving from Edmonton, a straight six overall.

“It just shows the consistency of our team, our players, and the hard work they put in, the organization as a whole,” head coach Derek Keenan said. “We’ve had some adversity this year and there always is, but this year’s been a tough year, so we’ve had to battle some ups and downs.”

Although Saturday’s contest featured many more ups than downs for the Rush, the team knows that they’ll have a much tougher time against Colorado when the two meet on Friday in the West Division semifinal.

“It’s not easy to beat a team four times [in] a season,” Keenan said. “So, we’re going to have to be really good. Obviously, we got a really good look at them tonight, but we’ll have another look at them this week to see if we need to make any adjustments.”

“It was a little bit of a statement to be able to get this win against them,” Rush forward Marty Dinsdale said. “But we’re going to going to have to do it again. It doesn’t mean anything unless we can get the win next weekend. So we’ll look at film, look at what made us successful [in] this game and try to repeat it.”

Since moving to Saskatchewan the Rush have been nearly unbeatable at SaskTel Centre in the playoffs with a record of 6-1.

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