Shocking moment spectator is KO’d by rival fan at NFL game

An NFL fan was knocked out cold by a rival fan following a brutal attack while attending a game.

The shocking incident occurred during Houston Texans’ 20-7 win over Jacksonville Jaguars at the TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville.

The victim and his companion were involved in a verbal altercation with a home supporter before he is voilently struck with a sucker punch to the side of the head.

Onlookers were left stunned as the Texans fan immediately collapses to the ground and lays motionless, face-down on the stadium stairs.

Swiftly jumping to her fallen friend’s defence, the man’s female compatriot leaps over his prone body to attack the assailant with a flurry of punches in retaliation before she is quickly restrained by stadium security.

However, the victim is left lying unconscious for a number of seconds before anyone comes to his aid.

One shocked fan repeatedly pleads for someone to "help him" as chaos ensues around the man’s prostrate body.

Another voice can be heard shouting "she threw the beer" seemingly highlighting the now subdued woman’s initial involvement in the fracas.

After receiving some attention the man appears to regain consciousness.

The Jaguars later released a statement revealing the punishment for those involved in the incident:

“The Jacksonville Jaguars and our stadium partners are firmly committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable experience for all who visit TIAA Bank Field, including fans of the visiting team.

“We in no way condone the behavior during Sunday’s Jaguars vs. Texans game, which included a physical altercation between fans in the east stands.

Per our Fan Code of Conduct, two individuals involved in the altercation were ejected from the stadium.

Each party, whether a Jaguars season ticket member or a single game purchaser, has had their ticket purchasing privileges rescinded.

“The Jaguars are grateful for the immediate response by stadium security personnel to the situation.”

It’s unclear if any criminal charges were brought against those involved.

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