Shoey threat: Ricciardo ponders the 'helmety'

Barcelona: Never mind the "shoey", stand by for the "helmety".

Australia's Daniel Ricciardo has wondered jokingly whether he might have to give up his podium "shoeys" and glug champagne from his helmet instead.

Is Daniel Ricciardo’s shoey celebration under threat?

It was not the first time that Ricciardo has threatened to give the shoey the boot.

Last year he expressed a fear that the podium ritual, dreaded by rival drivers and celebrities but loved by his F1 fans as well as anyone else not in drinking distance, was getting out of control.

Ricciardo said then, after an F1 Live event on the streets of London in July, that some fans were even shouting "shoey" to him as he walked past them.

"I don't actually just take my shoe off while I'm walking in the street and drink out of it. I feel like I dug a hole for myself with this one," he said.


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