Sky Sports Scholars on ambitions and targets for New Year 2019

Reading Emily Bronte, getting busy in the kitchen, learning Italian and winning medals. What are the Scholars dreaming about for 2019?

It’s the start of a busy year for our 12 Sky Sports Scholars.

They reveal their targets and ambitions in and outside the sporting arena.

Sporty: It has to keep pushing myself to my max so I give myself the best chance of success and hopefully continue the year rising up, winning titles and getting better.

Non-sporty: I’d love to become a better cook because it’s a passion of mine and I also want to invest more time into me and have more acceptance of who I am as a person and not compare myself to others as much.

SAMANTHA KINGHORN (Wheelchair racer)
Sporty: I would love to defend all my world titles.

Non-sporty: I want to learn to play the guitar.

Sporty: Qualify for Olympic selection in Toulouse in November.

Non-sporty: Read 15 classics or educational books! Top of the list would be ‘1984’ and ‘Why I write’ by George Orwell, as well as Wuthering Heights. I’ve been trying to read that one for a long time!

ANDREW POZZI (Sprint hurdler)
Sporty: Win a medal at the World Championships.

Non-sporty: Learn Italian!

JOE FRASER (Gymnast)
Sporty: To improve on consistency when performing in competitions.

Non-sporty: To start reading books. My first one will be the one I got for Christmas from my Sky colleagues.

Sporty: Qualify for the World Championships and improve on my placing from last year, as well as improving my race skills.

Non-sporty: Improve my media skills and be more confident in front of the camera.

22 days until my favourite day of the year⛄️? Training continues although I’m not enjoying the cold Scottish nights but it’s got to be done! #scottishborders #scotland #icytrack #athletics #winter #wintertraining

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FRANCESCA SUMMERS (Modern pentathlete)
Sporty: Get selected for the Senior European Championships in Bath and to get a top 8 finish!

Non-sporty: Get my own sports clothing brand up and running, which I am really excited about.

Sporty: To win a medal at the World Championships. It eluded me two years ago and I want to put that right and get some silverware.

Non-sporty: To complete my dissertation! And finish university on a high!

Sporty: I had an incredible 2018 and was lucky enough to have ticked off some big goals. Next year I hope to build on that momentum, working towards new PBs and make the 2019 World Championships in Doha.

Non-Sporty: I was two per cent off a first-class grade in my first year at uni this year (picky I know!), but I’m hoping to leave with a first in my second year.

I also recently turned 21 and I’m hoping this year I’ll make some positive first steps into womanhood!

ELLEN KEANE (Para swimmer)
Sporty: Win gold at the World Championships – top one or two in breaststroke.

Non-sporty: Finally get my thesis finished – uni is not fun and I just want it done! Something Ocean Rescue will be happy to hear is my thesis is on plastic in supermarkets.

Sporty: Last year was tough with my injury but I’m fit again which is awesome and I’m so excited to be playing in my first tournament later in January.

Great few weeks out in Flagstaff ?? Some world class work from the whole team ?? Back down to sea-level now and ready for another big block ? #flagstaff #altitude #skyscholars #skyoceanrescue

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My target for the new year is to get under the top 200 in the ATP rankings. I want to improve my game, be more stable and aggressive.

Non-sporty: I want to learn as much as possible off and on court. Even not playing in 2018, I have learned so much – especially about life and other people.

When everything is going well there are a lot of people supporting but when you are down or injured there are just a few.
So I appreciate every single one who was there in that tough time. It will be an interesting year and I cannot wait.

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