Stewards forced to protect officials from raging Chelsea players at half-time against Huddersfield

Referee Lee Mason had awarded the hosts a corner on the brink of the 45-minute mark.

But instead of allowing them to take it, the ref signalled for the interval.

That prompted a number of irate Blues players to get in the face of the officials.

Cesc Fabregas, Antonio Rudiger and Davide Zappacosta circled the officials, with Cesar Azpilicueta also joining in.

Several safety workers – among them the chief steward – then took to the pitch to protect the men in the middle.

Some fans called for the Football Association to charge the Chelsea players.

One viewer wrote on social media: "Chelsea failing to control their players and staff harassing the ref. Will the FA do owt [sic] about it… doubt it."

Another fan said: "I'm a big fan of swearing at refs, but when they need stewards to protect them from players and managers, it's time to take punitive action against the club."

One tweeted: "I'd have booked every one of the Chelsea players that approached me if I was a ref."

Another said: "Just seen the reactions from the plastic Chelsea players and staff when the ref blew his whistle for half-time. What a disgraceful bunch of toy soldiers the lot of them. @FA need to charge the lot of them.

A fellow user posted: "45 minutes huffing and puffing, hardly having an attempt on goal and then 5 players and staff around the ref cos he blows for half-time at a corner? Really? Sort yourselves out Chelsea! Poor form that!"

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