The most followed sports stars on Instagram in the last month include Jadon Sancho and Khabib Nurmagomedov

You may have overtaken Selena Gomez as the most followed personality on Instagram – but these high-flyers are the fastest rising.

SunSport has teamed up with InflencerDB, who helped us compile the top 15 sports stars with the fastest growing followings on the social media site.

For the month of October, we tracked metrics including growth rate and how many Insta followers sports stars had at the beginning of the month compared to the end of it.

We discovered that Borussia Dortmund and England boy wonder Jadon Sancho was the most popular footballer – gaining an incredible 197,893 followers.

No doubt his surge of followers came off the back of some stunning form in the Bundesliga, as well as becoming an England debutant last month.

While recent Big Brother contestant Jermaine Pennant has incredibly enjoyed the biggest percentage growth rate of 88.52%.

He now has 292,556 fans awaiting his next post, gaining 134,255 more fans in October thanks to his stint on the reality TV show.

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There was of course also his appearance on Jeremy Kyle which would have boosted his following.

The ex-Liverpool player might not have fancied taking a lie detector test but he will have been pleased with the rise in his profile.

There was one BIG surprise, and it came in the shape of Liverpool youngster Bobby Duncan, who is yet to make his debut for the Reds.

Back in June, Steven Gerrard's cousin swapped Man City for Anfield. Since then, his Insta account has swelled to 209, 729 followers. Wait till he makes his debut!

But all those numbers are small fry in comparison when it comes to UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The Russian UFC fighter has been the talk of the sports world after defeating Conor McGregor at UFC 229.

And an unsavoury brawl afterwards didn't do anything to dent his popularity. If anything, it enhanced it.

On October 1, Khabib had an impressive 6,068,428 followers. By the end of the month, that rose to 13,011,751.

That's a stunning growth rate of 115.28% and a gaining of 6,943,323 followers – more than he originally had in the beginning!

Chelsea and Belgium star Eden Hazard also features on the list, just below Sancho, after his stunning form for club and country. He earned an extra 66,525 followers.

But number one, in terms of growth rate, might not be familiar to you if you don't follow the NBA.

Swedish power forward Jonas Jerebko plays for the best team in basketball on the planet right now – the Golden State Warriors.

And it was a game-winning tip shot against his former team the Utah Jazz in 124-123 win that meant he grew by 144.30%.

He was followed by another 73,930 fans after becoming a Warriors hero.

It just goes to show, the better you perform in sport – the more popular you become.

Read the full list below:

Rank Name Sport Growth rate for the last month Instagram Followers (as of Oct 31, 2018) Number of followers on Oct 1, 2018  


Number of followers gained since Oct 1, 2018

1. Jonas Jerebko Basketball 144.30% 125,163 51,233 73,930 2. Khabib Nurmagomedov MMA 115.28% 13,011,751 6,068,428 6,943,323 3. Kerem Gönlüm Basketball 106.89% 40,511 19,582 20,929 4. Anna Danesi Volleyball 99.34% 38,442 19,298 19,144 5. Deni Sandor Auto Racing 88.79% 34,904 18,478 16,426 6. Jermaine Pennant Football 88.52% 292,556 158,301 134,255 7. Juan Camilo Hernández Football 82.52% 252,931 138,757 114,174 8. Allonzo Trier Basketball 79.01% 128,188 71,669 56,519 9. Bobby Duncan Football 70.79% 209,729 122,636 87,093 10. Tommy Ramos Gymnastics 67.78% 197,603 119,596 78,007 11. Jadon Malik Sancho Football 66.89% 499,024 301,131 197,893 12. Eden Hazard Football 64.35% 174,621 108,096 66,525 13. Patrick Mahomes US Football 64.10% 402,260 254,730 147,530 14. Marquis Dendy Track and Field 60.71% 52,183 32,413 19,770 15. Sergio Sánchez Ortega Football 53.51% 102,878 75,496 27,382

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