The person who won $1.19 million by betting $85,000 on Tigers Woods to win the Masters had never bet on sports on before

  • Tiger Woods won the Masters on Sunday, his fifth win at Augusta National and first major win since 2008.
  • On the Tuesday before the Masters, James Adducci of Wisconsin placed an $85,000 bet on Woods to win at 14-1 odds.
  • Adducci was in Las Vegas on Monday to cash his winning ticket. He took home $1.19 million.
  • Adducci told reporters that it was the first bet he ever placed on sports.
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When Tiger Woods won the Masters on Sunday he made a lot of people happy, with friends, family, and fans all joining together to celebrate Woods’ ascension back to the top of his sport.

But it’s likely that nobody was happier with Woods’ win than James Adducci from Wisconsin, who placed an $85,000 bet on Woods to win the Masters.

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Adducci placed his bet with William Hill US sportsbook at 14-1 odds, and when Woods went on to win, his ticket cashed for an impressive $1.19 million payday.

“If I saw Tiger, I would tell him that I understood the pressure he must be under, because I, for a moment in time, felt it too,”Adducci told Darren Rovell of The Action Network.

On Monday, Adducci was in Las Vegas to cash his ticket at the William Hill sportsbook at SLS Casino. While speaking with reporters, he revealed some shocking news, saying that this was the first bet he’d ever made on sports.

Speaking with Golf Digest’s Stephen Hennessey, Adducci, a self-employed day trader, said that he put together all the money he could afford to lose and made the decision to put it on Woods. “I just thought it was pre-destined for him to win,” he told Hennessey.

Adducci said he was turned away from two casinos before William Hill decided to accept his action.

His faith in Woods came not only from his fine form but also the fact that Woods would be playing in front of his kids. “It wasn’t about the stats for me,” Adducci told Hennessey. “The fact that this was going to be his first major in front of his kids, I was convinced he would win.”

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Adducci also praised his wife for her understanding during what must have been a trying few days.

“She said to me, ‘I can’t stop you from doing this, because if he wins, I’ll never forgive myself.’ She’s a keeper,” he said.

You can read Hennessey’s entire story on Adducci here.

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