There's Nothing To Say About This Super Bowl

The week leading up to the Super Bowl is always bad for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s because one particular storyline gets beaten into the ground by every media outlet; other times it’s because a particularly loathsome team or player or coach gets hyped so thoroughly that the mere mention of their name makes you want to bite someone. It’s always because at least a half-dozen writers think they will be the first ones to successfully pull off a cute Media Day stunt. This week’s pre-Super Bowl coverage feels a little different, though. Not because it’s been good—it will never, ever be good—but because there … hasn’t really been anything to cover.

Take a look at some of what Pro Football Talk has had on offer this week:

The idea as pitched was to do one more takeout of the essential evil that is the New England…


And then there are the Rams, who can score 44 points in any game and are on the forefront of the NFL’s offensive revolution. But that’s all on-field stuff, and Super Bowl media week isn’t really built to reckon with any of it. What’s left then is a team without any history or interesting personalities representing a city that cares about them not at all. That’s how we end up reading about Jared Goff’s “California cool” and Sean McVay’s texting habits. The game can’t start soon enough.

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