Tyson Fury boasts of being 'real people's champion' as he stuns fan by accepting his invitation for a Nando's

The former heavyweight champion of the world received a direct message on Instagram from Jake Taylor seeing if he fancied a slap-up meal.


And to his astonishment, the Gypsy King, 29, rocked up for a feast at the Manchester branch and posed for a photo.

Asked about his special day out, Fury revealed he had a blast – and what he ordered.

He said: "We had a fantastic day out at Nando's with the lads.

"I told you I was the people's champion. I told you all that I am a man of the people.

"I got asked, 'Do you fancy a Nando's with the boys?'

"I said 'yes' and I turned up. Who else would do that?

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"Who else is crazy enough to go to Nando's with strangers? No one but me, the real people's champion.

"Because I'm Tyson Fury I have my chicken extra spicy. Extra portions as well."

Fury has previous scoffing down loads of food at the popular chicken restaurant.

He splashed £201 on a 10,000-calorie meal – five times the recommended daily amount – after beating Wladimir Klitschko to become world champ in 2015.

His feast that night consisted of 16 chicken wraps, five corn on the cob and six portions of chips.


Fury, who stands 6ft 9ins, has shed around four stone thanks to a punishing training routine – and lots of black coffee.

He hopes to come in around 18½st for his comeback fight on June 9.

That did not stop him jokingly fat-shaming Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid, though.

He told her she should ditch the milk from her morning coffee, which prompted the popular presenter to reply: "I just got fat-shamed by Tyson Fury."

Fury, 29, described himself as a "fat mess" in November as he worked on getting back to full fitness.

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