UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis endorses ‘ball wash’ and ‘nut rub’ grooming range after ‘my balls was hot’ craze

The Black Beast went viral after knocking out Alexander Volkov earlier this month and stripping off in the ring.

Asked by UFC interviewer Joe Rogan in the middle of the Octagon why he was taking off his shorts, Lewis replied matter-of-factly: "'Cause my balls was hot."

And now, as he prepares to take on Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title, Lewis has seen a gap in the market for pristine privates.

The American told his his 1.4 million Instagram followers how he keeps his crown jewels feeling fresh,  while wearing a 'live balls' T-shirt.

He said: "Ever since my balls been hot I have used 'ball wash' and to make them feel even cooler and better I use 'nut rub'.

"And to make my balls feel and smell even fresher I use 'sack spray'. You can go ahead and get yours today at ballwash.com"

If it seems like Lewis is a joker, that's because he is.

He stands around 6ft 2ins, weighs almost 19st and claims to do only 30 minutes of training a day.

Lewis takes on Cormier in Madison Square Garden in the early hours of Sunday morning, the mecca of the fight game that has witnessed the likes of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Rocky Marciano.

But Lewis just shrugs when he hears of that history and the greats he can follow in the footsteps of.

Asked what it would mean to be heavyweight champion, he said: "It wouldn't be anything too special. I'm happy that I'm going out there and getting paid."

Quizzed on Cormier's right hand injury and the impact it could have, he replied: "I go in every fight with a bad back, overweight and damn near diabetic. It doesn't matter to me."

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